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What is Dermatofibroma?

Dermatofibroma is caused by an overgrowth of a number of cell types in the dermis layer of the skin. The growths often develop after some type of trauma to the skin, even something as simple as a bug bite. It often looks like small round or oval bumps. They can be flesh colored or brown or reddish. They are often found on the arms and legs.

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Dermatofibroma is a benign skin growth that typically appears as a raised, round bump on the skin. It is most common on arms and legs, but can occur anywhere on the body. The bumps are usually firm and may feel scaly or rough to the touch. Dermatofibromas range in color from tan to dark brown, but may also appear reddish or purple. They are often painless unless they become irritated or inflamed. Treatment of dermatofibromas is generally not necessary; however, if they cause discomfort or concern then they can be surgically removed. In some cases, steroid injections may also be used to reduce inflammation and itching associated with dermatofibroma growths. With proper treatment and care, these bumps can be successfully managed.

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